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Workplace Wellness Through Smart Vending

Traditional vending machines – replete with snacks and sodas – aren’t ordinarily associated with health in the workplace. Yet three recent use cases, conjured up by our automated supply-vending clients, show that the sky’s the limit when it comes to automated vending solutions.

With the rise of the corporate wellness initiatives , more companies are enacting programs that encourage and reward employees for staying active. Healthier employees, research shows, are more engaged than their peers. Not only that, but workplace wellness programs can help employees achieve better work-life balance by fitting exercise into their daily routines.

For example Facebook, an IVM customer since 2011, uses our machines to vend bicycle repair parts to employees who commute to the company’s Menlo Park headquarters. Need a new bike seat? Are your chains worn? How about those break levers? In search of CatEyes cycle computer? With the swipe of a badge, employees receive the gear they need in seconds to promote healthy commute habits (see photo to the right). These machines complement the services of a campus bike repair shop.

Indianapolis-based financial services firm Hull & Knnar has also devised its own employee wellness incentive program using IVM lockers. Each employee is assigned a locker, where bicycles and accessory gear is stored. Every time a locker is opened and the gear is checked out – lunch breaks have become a popular time for bike rides – the machines take note. Hull & Knarr uses the data to regularly reward its most active employees.

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the My Little Pony crazy. One of our corporate customers uses IVM machines to store the toys, and to reward active employees with access to them.

The ingenuity of our clients has proven once again that if you dream it, we can build a smart supply-vending solution to meet the needs of our clients.

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