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Vending Simplicity

Office supplies can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Many companies average around $200 per person annually on supplies. Of course, that varies depending on the type of company and what supplies they need. For example, medical offices have been known to spend an upwards of $1,000 per year on every employee. And the larger the company, the bigger the spend. Plus, the process is somewhat draconian—a locked office supply cabinet with a gatekeeper who signs out your stuff. The downside is, that person signing out the supplies has to stop what they’re doing every time someone shows up needing a power cord or pencils. It takes too much of everyone’s time and energy. But what’s the alternative?

Intelligent vending. It’s a time-and money-saving way to get employees what they need quickly and safely, while automating reconciliation and reorders. Intelligent vending is a new spin on the vending machine concept of days past, except this vending machine delivers office supplies, not soda or snacks. And it’s cashless. The custom vending machines are easy to install, fit within your office environment and dispense supplies quickly, easily and securely. Employees swipe a badge or enter a code on an IVM Smart Station™ key pad to vend the items they need. Smart Stations record what has been dispensed and what’s left, making it easier to keep track of who has what. The office vending machines hold just about anything. The basics are pens and paper clips, staplers and tape. But you can also vend bigger items such as safety goggles, medical equipment and IT supplies. And you can customize the machine to suit whatever products your company needs to distribute.

By having an office vending machine nearby, employees don’t have to run to the supply cabinet every time they need something. They also don’t have to travel off-site to get a replacement product. You’d be surprised how often employees run out of something. If an employee interacts with customers, the supply search may take them away from their desk, which could lead to a loss in business. Employees in environments with office vending machines tend to be happier, more satisfied with their jobs and a lot more productive.

Vending machines allow businesses to dispense supplies automatically at any time of the day—or night. And intelligent vending means inventory control. From equipment to major medical supplies, you can easily track anything. Even IT equipment, such as a keyboard or a mouse that would have been a paperwork-tracking nightmare, can fit easily inside a Smart Station.

Intelligent vending is definitely a revolution forward in office supply management. Companies around the world are discovering that by vending their office supplies, employees are happier and more productive, profits go up and everybody wins.

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