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Top IT Frustrations in the Workplace

Technology is growing and changing daily, so companies must constantly grow and change with it to keep up with the latest trends and stay in the game. Despite all the benefits technology brings into our lives, there are also many drawbacks for the workers who have to stay on top of these changes for the sake of their jobs/businesses.

35% of workers have reported feeling frustrated with the technology implemented in their workplace. This frustration can be due to many different factors, but every company needs to investigate to boost worker satisfaction and find ways to overcome this frustration.

IT Frustrations

Many workers have expressed the following complaints regarding technology in the workplace:

  1. Lack of Functional IT Support – A team of experienced IT professionals must run a company’s technology smoothly and effectively. However, finding experienced individuals who can keep up with the ever-changing technological world is difficult for small businesses. When these individuals are found, they are typically in high demand and may come at a steep price.
  2. Increased Distractions – Workers will inevitably get distracted at work. CNBS has reported that as many as two hours of every workday are wasted due to distractions. These distractions can take a huge toll on any business, so learning how to combat them in the workplace is important.
  3. Efficiency Issues – Lack of efficiency in the workplace can take a whole team down. Efficiency issues can arise due to a lack of training in the workplace, old equipment that can no longer keep up with the modern world, and devices that do not sync cohesively to create the expected ease.

Minimizing Workplace Frustrations

It is time to make a change if you have noticed problems with efficiency, distractions, or a lack of IT support. The following tips can create more ease in your workplace:

  1. Reduce Pressure on the IT Team – Although IT professionals create ease within the flow of technology in a workplace, it is important to keep your staff knowledgeable and not employ technology they are unequipped to use. This step will help take pressure off the IT team. Additionally, IVM Smart Center provides live, 24/7 video tech support from remote locations. Therefore, if employees have tech issues with a device, they only need to bring it to the IVM Smart Center and plug it in to find solutions from professionals all around the globe.
  2. Gather Feedback – One way to ensure your employees are happy with the technology in the workforce is to ask. Feedback will help you better address your employees’ wants and needs.
  3. Increase Efficiency – Employees tend to accept change better when they are adequately equipped for it. Old technology and complicated programs keep a workplace lagging and cause delays in work time. Increasing efficiency with user-friendly technology is one way to defeat lag. IVM Smart Station is decreasing delays in work by providing employees with 24/7 access to critical supplies. By keeping a log of the most used items, IVM Smart Station can be customized to include the essential supplies for every unique workplace to avoid waiting hours, days, or even weeks to retrieve critical work supplies.
  4. Treat Your Employees Like Customers – One error that many companies seamlessly make is acting like their employers are outsiders. Instead, it is important to utilize your employers as prime customers for your company. Making your employees happy and satisfying their workplace needs will help your company run more seamlessly.

One way to keep employees happy is to provide them with access to all the resources they may need in a day. IVM SmartVault allows employees to seamlessly check in and out items without disrupting their workflow. These can help keep devices such as phones, tablets, and headphones charged and provide additional resources to simplify work.

Build a Stronger Workplace with Us

At IVM, we want to help your workplace thrive. For this reason, we have created devices such as SmartCenter and SmartSync to reduce workplace complications and keep things running smoothly. Contact us today if you want to achieve better results in your workplace.

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