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The latest marketing tactic? Vending experiences

The average American is exposed to roughly 5,000 ads per day, so it’s no wonder companies are going above and beyond to showcase their products and brands in unique ways. Companies are tapping into vending as a way to market their products or showcase their brand through memorable consumer experiences.

During the Super Bowl, for example, consumers could engage with numerous vending machine experiences. For instance, a Minneapolis-based agency refurbished an old vending machine to sell snowballs to raise money for a nonprofit. Not to mention the Twitter-activated M&M vending machine that encouraged passersby to engage with the machine to sample its candies and view its special game day commercial. Then last but not least, there was the Canada Goose vending machine at a hotel, where guests could rent a complimentary jacket during their stay.  Even greeting card companies have tapped into vending as a way to get cards in front of people in unexpected locations.

These examples show how brands can go beyond the commercial and digital ad route and engage with their potential customers through a memorable experience. Beyond distributing work supplies into employees’ hands, companies can look to vending as a way to engage consumers by creating a unique brand experience and showcasing their products in a memorable way. Got an idea for what to vend? Call us!

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