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The IVM SmartCenter

The IVM SmartCenter

Technology is great…when it works. But nothing brings business productivity to a screeching halt like a breakdown in systems. And nothing makes a system failure worse than unreliable tech support.  IVM’s groundbreaking SmartCenter is making such problems obsolete by transforming the typical IT department.

The IVM SmartCenter is saving companies substantial amounts of money and time by streamlining the protocol for IT support. By minimizing staff at the IT help desk and significantly decreasing the time it takes for employees to interact with IT support, staff returns to work more quickly after a stall in production caused by IT issues.

Redefining IT Support

Businesses that have already incorporated the SmartCenter into their IT departments and company spaces are seeing a dramatic shift in productivity. Tasks that often take multiple staff members days to carry out are now done at the SmartCenter in a matter of minutes. By incorporating live IT support that is accessible anywhere, the SmartCenter supplies a company’s workforce with both onsite and remote live video IT support. By broadening the scope of the IT department, issues are resolved more efficiently for both the IT department and the employees interacting with the system.

How it Works

When an IT issue arises, staff can plug into the SmartCenter access port directly. This is done onsite at the SmartCenter station and allows IT staff to take control of a device remotely. They can then effectively diagnose and address the user’s issues within minutes. Once repaired, it’s back to business with minimal loss of productivity.

Incorporated Lockers Feature

In some cases, IT may find a problem with the device that cannot be repaired via the SmartCenter’s remote takeover capabilities. This problem is solved via lockers housed right in the machine that contains replacement or loaner equipment that employees can use while IT repairs their devices. New hardware can also be housed and checked out here, accessible via support team approval. Built-in security controls on devices housed within the IT kiosk lockers make tracking equipment easy, even sending notifications out if an item is overdue.

The Online SmartCenter

The IVM SmartCenter incorporates network connectivity that keeps all connected devices online at all times. This further optimizes support efforts with instant updates, remote access, and reconfiguration support for all connected devices right from the SmartCenter. Furthermore, it is a powerhouse, literally, with connectivity powerful enough to keep all housed devices fully charged. This keeps replacement equipment charged and ready to perform on-demand.

Individualized Interaction

The SmartCenter’s live video capability gives the user experience a personal touch. IT staff can interact face-to-face with users, allowing for more efficient communication and more cohesive interaction.

Integrated Productivity

The ever-growing suite of IVM products allows for even more functionality in the workplace. By pairing the SmartCenter with other IVM products such as Zendesk and ServiceNow together, companies unlock the potential to be unstoppable. Today’s workforce is demanding, as time and resources become more and more valuable. Proactive business owners who enlist the help of new and innovative products like those offered by IVM are better equipped to meet those demands.

Make it Your Own

With customized skins available for the SmartCenter, businesses can brand their SmartCenter systems with personalized graphics, logos, or product images as they wish. This not only allows a company to solidify its IT department but also provides a means to make a visual statement in the workplace environment.

The SmartCenter transforms the way business is conducted, and most importantly, improves the bottom line. Don’t let your IT support department get left behind. Learn more about how you can upgrade productivity and optimize resources with the IVM SmartCenter and other unique IVM products today.

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