The IVM SmartCenter – Reducing Staff Costs

The IVM SmartCenter – Reducing Staff Costs

With much of our work becoming digital, technical difficulties are inevitable. It can be frustrating to be placed on hold for long periods of time while work is piling up. Even after patiently holding for support, there is no guarantee that your technical issue will be fixed.

The IVM SmartCenter offers a solution. This is not only for companies without hands-on technical support but also as extra support to companies that already have on-site technicians and support staff.

What is the IVM SmartCenter?

The SmartCenter is a solution for busy office spaces in need of robust, one-on-one remote support. By investing in this system, your office can be connected to an available remote support team immediately 24/7. This is the quickest way for employees’ technical problems to be resolved in a timely manner, allowing them to return to work.

Why is the SmartCenter a Good Investment for all Businesses?

In Indiana, entry-level help desk support staff make an average base salary of between $60,000 and $70,000 per year. Not every business can afford to bring on this position, especially new companies with a lower gross income.

Companies that do employ office technical support must then provide their staff with both an annual salary as well as a range of benefits. Employees also require their own computer equipment, which is a cost that is not usually considered when budgeting for new positions. These costs can add up, and these employees can only work while they are on the clock.

Expanding companies that are opening additional locations or offices may reap several benefits from the SmartCenter. Although on-site assistance is ideal, it comes at a cost. The system is an investment that works around the clock for busy office spaces whose workday doesn’t always end when the technical support staff clocks out. This device ensures help is always available, allowing tasks to be accomplished faster than ever at a fraction of the cost.

Will a SmartCenter Replace Human Workers?

The goal of the SmartCenter is not to replace human workers, but to reallocate staff when necessary. There is no longer a need to invest in the expensive labor fees that come with hiring a technical support team when the labor costs are not in the company’s budget. Therefore, the SmartCenter offers an effective solution to businesses that simply cannot afford to maintain additional IT positions or departments, as well as to any business looking to expand into new office spaces.

How Does the SmartCenter Work?

Our SmartCenter is capable of connecting businesses with any available help center worldwide. Employees will speak to real people, face to face, who are experienced and knowledgeable in their field and who will offer diagnostic solutions on the spot.

One of the biggest advantages is the reduction of employee downtime. If the remote technical support analyst cannot fix the device, the employee will not have to wait while their equipment is repaired. Instead, the SmartCenter also functions as an equipment locker in which they can safely swap their device for a working computer that is ready to go. This ensures there is never a need to halt employees’ workflow due to faulty or malfunctioning computer equipment.

IVM Inciting Change

At IVM, we are looking to change the way companies do business by adapting our smart technology to the ever-changing business world. We offer cost-efficient solutions that will increase office space efficiency and help maintain productivity.

If you have further questions about implementing our SmartCenter or any other IVM smart device, contact us; our team would be happy to answer all of your questions and concerns.

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