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The IT Help Desk of the Future

At IVM, we provide the world’s leading technology companies with sophisticated vending machines that offer a simple solution to vend IT peripherals to employees. With an automated supply system that can replace more complicated supply order and tracking systems, our advanced machines exceed traditional distribution uses and old help desk implementations.

IT peripheral vending gives employees easy and immediate access to commonly used items – such as replacement keyboards, computer mice, laptop batteries and headsets. We eliminate the need for requisition forms, the lengthy waiting period to receive supplies and even the time of a staff member to monitor a supply closet. IVM’s practical vending solutions have contributed to more productive workplaces around the globe, including HP and Intel’s offices. Here’s a glimpse of their success stories.

  • HP: By using IVM lockers HP has refreshed the way it manages IT issues internally. Employees can simply visit an IT workstation, hook up their laptops and troubleshoot in a matter of minutes. If the remote IT staff is not able to solve their problem they will redirect employees to retrieve a temporary laptop at a locker vending machine system while their device is being fixed. The end results include IT solutions that are deployed more rapidly and productive employees.
  • Intel: Intel also uses IVM locker systems in a unique way. The company encourages employees to get their laptops refreshed every 12-18 months. To reduce forms, processing and employee down time to secure updates, Intel leveraged IVM lockers to collect existing laptops and to vend temporary ones. Employees can simply swipe their badge and grab their new laptop, leaving the old ones in its place.

Our IT peripheral vending solutions are impacting the future of the help desk. Whether you’re looking to simplify tracking orders and inventory levels or reduce the cost of supplies and time spent by employees, IVM’s machines can help streamline your IT supply process today.

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