The Future of Government IT Modernization

The federal government issued budget mandates last year that had a large focus on IT modernization. There are complexities associated with modernization, especially with the time and investment needed to take significant steps. Whether your employees work on-site or remotely, we can help with data-driven inventory management for help desks, customer service, telework, remote onboarding and more!

Know IT Inventory Levels at a Glance

Without leaving their desk, IVM SmartHub users can search for IT inventory, such as laptops, keyboards, dongles, and other valuable assets, enabling them to know exactly how much inventory is left and where to retrieve it from. This can be especially efficient for large government offices and installations as they try to keep track of hundreds or thousands of pieces of tech.

Save on Costs When Making Hardware Decisions

IVM SmartHub offers secure and efficient data management software that can track which employees are using what inventory, throughout the organization. We provide access to actionable data that takes the guesswork out of usage patterns, user locations and demographics, and gaps in supply inventory, which leads to more informed purchasing decisions and cost savings.

Onboard New Employees Smoothly

Onboarding new employees can be complicated, especially as organizations mix remote and in-person employees. Automate the process and track everything involved in onboarding new personnel. Requisitions for office space, laptops, phones, and ID cards can be processed and managed seamlessly through SmartHub, whether employees are in person or remote.

IVM understands the challenges associated with Government IT modernization and has state-of-the-art software and technology to help your organization efficiently upgrade its capabilities.

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