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The Benefits of IVM’s SmartLocker

Benefits of IVM’s SmartLocker

We’ve all been there: stuck at work and the one thing you need to finish a project is at home. Or else something breaks right at the moment you need it most. You don’t have the time to run out and purchase a new one. No matter your crisis, it’s more than convenient to have a piece of technology available to you when you need it most.

What Is the SmartLocker?

A SmartLocker is a unique system that lets you check in and check out supplies and products. Think of it like a vending machine, but better. Often, these items are bulky, and they’re things you don’t necessarily need to have a large stock of for all employees. Devices and tools can be shared between shifts to create a more streamlined system.

What’s So Great About IVM’s SmartLocker?

A SmartLocker is customizable to your needs. Compartments will fit the size of your bulkier items or even smaller packages. Additionally, it can house frequently used items like batteries, face masks, storage devices, and more. Our SmartLocker also takes away the burden of inventory management. A SmartLocker will keep track of the analytics for you, so you know which items are most used, and what you need to keep supplied. This keeps you from wasting assets on unused items. There’s no reason to spend money on certain items if they aren’t needed as frequently.

Productivity of Staffing

When all the items you need on a day-to-day basis are available, there’s no need for stoppage time. Sometimes, projects get put on hold because a piece of equipment goes missing, or an important item is needed, but no one wants to take time away from work projects to run to the store and get it. The SmartLocker solves those issues by having everything you need available at all times. It cuts down on loss of productivity by having all the tools or accessories necessary to complete projects and jobs in the same location. Gone are the days of rummaging through a pile of cords for the “right one,” or hoping you didn’t throw something away you desperately need. Additionally, a SmartLocker doesn’t require any staffing. Say you’ve got a maintenance area of a company, and there’s a tool crib. The tool crib must be staffed so that items can be checked in and out as needed. Also, as much as we hate to say it, humans are fallible, and sometimes record keeping can be inaccurate. The SmartLocker does away with all that, keeping records and managing inventory. This is particularly helpful at a time when staffing is difficult.
IVM’s SmartLocker keeps distribution more streamlined and less complicated, as well. Because the employee is interfacing directly with the SmartLocker, there’s significantly less room for error.

Solving the Layoff Crisis

During an economic downturn, layoffs are usually inevitable. Later, when the economy swings up again, businesses must replace the lost staff. This problem is cyclical, which continues the process of rehiring and laying off. However, having a system that keeps your employees productive helps to solve the issue of layoffs. When the goal is to keep productivity steady and increase profits, spending less money on unessential things makes the most sense. At IVM, we’ve created a system that consolidates your tools, keeps track of them, and keeps track of their usage, so your life gets easier. Our SmartLocker is the smart solution for increasing productivity and making sure your employees stay right where they belong. Learn more about the SmartLocker today.

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