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SmartVault Improves Workflow Operations in Warehouse and Fulfillment Centers

Did you know that IVM’s SmartSolutions can benefit organizations beyond just traditional office settings? SmartVault, our solution designed to track and distribute handheld devices and scanners, was created to help maximize efficiency for workers in large warehouses or fulfillment centers.

Whether it be ecommerce giants or niche industry warehouses, SmartVault enables enterprises to automate handheld equipment distribution through an intelligent locker system. As consumers increasingly rely on online ordering, retail warehouses and fulfillment centers in particular have continued to seek ways to automate key processes as they accommodate increasing workloads. Here are a few ways SmartVault can be utilized to streamline warehouse management and operations:

  • Reducing Lost Devices – Many fulfillment centers rely on hand-held devices like scanners to pick and pack orders, but these scanners can easily be left out between employee shifts or misplaced, causing a backlog when a new shift comes in for work looking for their scanners. IVM’s SmartVault can be leveraged to solve this problem by offering secure device storage, automatic tracking and custom alerts to remind employees to turn devices in on time. The system can even be configured to send custom reminders to employees when their devices have not been returned on time. SmartVault not only holds employees accountable for their devices, but it also boosts productivity for all shifts using devices throughout the day.
  • Improving Check-In & Check Out – With 24/7 check-in and check-out access, along with built-in power and connectivity to keep devices charged and updated, SmartVault significantly improves the employee experience of accessing and returning devices. Employees can easily pick-up and return their device using their badge, fob or user ID and password. What was once a time-consuming, repetitive daily process for employees can now be taken care of in a matter of seconds. The low-contact system also keeps employee safety top of mind as warehouse employees continue to weather the pandemic.
  • Streamlining Back-End Operations – SmartVault provides real-time insights into device usage and availability. These utilization trends can be used to inform warehouse processes and better improve operations for employees. With less time spent on administration like finding lost scanners or manually tracking usage data, warehouse workflows can improve immensely and drive maximum productivity. SmartVault can be specially customized and scaled to each organization’s unique needs, and real-time usage reporting can continuously improve day-to-day operations.

With IVM’s SmartVault, fulfillment centers and warehouses can automate the distribution of handheld equipment and employees can quickly check-out and return a device via a seamless process. As the pandemic has prompted increasing workloads on warehouse and fulfillment center employees, this solution has the ability to transform the daily workplace and significantly improve operations.

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