SmartVault: How it Benefits Staffing and Productivity

Making sure that your business is running effectively and efficiently is a critical way to keep stable staffing numbers and ensure that your productivity is at optimal levels. SmartVault, a smart storage device unit for handheld scanners, helps mitigate lost efficiencies by tracking hand scanners and keeping them charged and ready for use.

Optimizing Staffing Levels

By adding a SmartVault to your company’s repertoire, you can reduce the need for additional staff and overcome the unfortunate resultant loss of productivity caused by lay-offs. Because our systems are ensuring that your devices are always charged, you don’t have to worry about losing time due to power-downs. This also prevents situations in which your employees want to work but can’t because they are waiting on the equipment to be ready and functional.

IVM’s SmartVault system can also track the status of each handheld device. This means that if a device is currently not working and needs repair, there will be no lag time to get the device fixed and back on the shelf as quickly as possible. This allows you to optimally use your company’s scanners and handheld devices to collect data on the go, improving efficiency and reducing the need for manual data collection.

SmartVault can help mitigate cuts in staffing by automating various tasks that were previously performed by employees. This includes tasks such as inventory management and stock tracking. With the SmartVault system, these tasks can be performed automatically, reducing the need for manual labor.

Additionally, SmartVault can provide real-time data and insights, allowing companies to optimize their storage processes and improve efficiency. This can ultimately lead to reduced staffing requirements and improved productivity, as employees can focus on higher-value tasks instead of manual labor. The workflow for checking out handheld devices and scanners from SmartVault helps both the employee and company executives. Employees receive aid in tracking and finding devices, and executives have a clear vision of where their inventory is located and how it is being used.

Elevating Company Efficiency

With the SmartVault solution, time is no longer lost rummaging around in bins and running around the warehouse trying to find a particular tool. Businesses can save money by holding onto their inventory and not having to buy new tools, but also by saving time lost looking for equipment.

It is impossible to lose equipment, as your business has real-time tracking and visualization, to see which employees have which product checked out, and employees can be alerted to return the items they have forgotten to check back in.

SmartVault can help your company make better use of your company’s storage space, reducing the need for additional storage facilities and lowering costs. Our units are modular and can be added on as needed to fit your inventory needs. We utilize a smart, user-friendly design to ensure that all of your equipment is accessible to employees, while still optimizing the vertical placement of equipment.

With automated equipment management, your company will be able to fulfill orders quickly and accurately, reducing the time it takes to get products to customers. Additionally, SmartVault comes with advanced security features such as access control and monitoring. These features can help prevent theft and loss, thereby protecting valuable assets and inventory.

Keep Your Business Lean and Optimal by Implementing SmartVault

In our increasingly digitized and modernized society, it is extremely important to adopt new technologies and practices that can help your business thrive in the competitive marketplace. Contact our technology experts at IVM today to learn more about how SmartVault can help your business reduce costs and improve its bottom line, even with reduced staffing levels.

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