Repairing Supply Chains Affected by Global Events

The chatter about global supply chain disruptions isn’t new by any stretch of the imagination, so many people are left scratching their heads as to why they’re still hearing about it – and experiencing it – in a post-pandemic world. The fact is, the pandemic has had a ripple effect on the global supply chain that stretches much farther than you may think, and it’s been exponentially compounded by Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the ensuing war, which has been underway since February 2022.

If you’re wondering what a “global supply chain” is, it’s a fancy way of explaining that products often start out in one place and eventually make their way to a final destination where consumers can purchase them. Along the way, these products or materials may be added to other components to complete a consumer-ready item. In a nutshell, the original supplier instigates the movement of their parts/product to another location, where, if necessary, that product is adjusted before it makes its way to a retail location where you can purchase it in person or online.
At IVM, our products, such as the SmartStation vending machine and the SmartCenter, have addressed supply chain demands and disruptions by focusing on immediately serving employees and business leaders with the supplies their company needs at the push of a button. We also communicate remotely with other locations within your organization that need to borrow equipment on the site.
Are There Solutions for Supply Chain Disruptions?
The short answer is “Yes, but…” Every company has its own internal supply chain, and its bottom line depends on efficiency and dependability. In fact, IVM’s entire product line is literally based on supplying employees with what they need whenever they need it. If the SmartStation in your office is suddenly empty, devoid of the critical items you need to perform your work, this throws a wrench not only into your day-to-day operations but causes clients to become dissatisfied with IVM services. It’s a vicious cycle of non-productivity and frustration, but how do we disrupt this disruption?
Make Do and Mend
After a tumultuous few years with multiple disruptive factors, global supply chains are starting to regain their balance after what is not an uncommon reaction to historically horrific events. While customer demands can still be unpredictable, shipping times, port congestion, and warehouse availability are continuing to stabilize to pre-pandemic levels. Businesses are reinforcing their relationships with suppliers to make their supply chains more resilient, and this increased communication is better for everyone, including the consumer.
In fact, supply chains now versus three years ago are much more robust and ready for potential catastrophes now that they’ve come through the other side, which includes diverting their paths away from traditional suppliers in China and seeking collaboration with other countries like Vietnam, Central America, Bangladesh and of course, right here at home in the US.
For more information about how our customizable products can help your business, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you build solutions into your everyday business.

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