Pushing the Forefront of Innovation in the Workplace: The Past, Present and Future of IVM

Since its founding, IVM has been pushing the boundaries of workplace efficiency by offering innovative vending solutions. Working closely with industry giants such as Facebook, Bank of America, Netflix, Uber, and Slack, IVM has proactively evolved our solutions to adapt to the changing needs of our clients. From current innovations driving customer satisfaction to exciting future innovations, IVM will continue to grow and change, expanding offerings and creating new technologies.

The Road to Success

IVM was founded on the innovative idea of delivering vending solutions that optimize business operations and boost productivity in modern workplaces. Throughout the years, this concept has evolved into a comprehensive suite of SmartSolutions, which serve to support various business needs. From helping employees access IT equipment and office supplies to supporting and streamlining inventory management, IVM has redefined vending for companies worldwide.

Current Innovations    

IVM is leading the vending industry by setting new standards and continuing to evolve beyond what traditional vending solutions have to offer. Some of the latest innovations that IVM provides include:

● EMC and safety certification. IVM equipment exceeds industry safety standards with CE, FCC, and industry safety standards certifications.
● SOC II Compliance. In addition to providing all our services from an SOC II-certified cloud location, IVM has also reached SOC II compliance for our headquarters, ensuring clients’ security when they do business with us.
● Vend and Return. The Vend and Return feature enables customers to implement automated vending and returning procedures, which allows for efficient and seamless processing with just the tap of a badge. By requiring employees to return their previous checkout before taking out new items, the Vend and Return feature helps companies ensure the location of all inventory items.
● Webhooks. Webhooks is a feature that enables deeply customizable integrations between clients’ already existing software infrastructure and IVM’s SmartSolutions. Through Webhooks, clients can program certain events to track, such as successful return, failed event, or successful event, in addition to specifying preferred data fields and data formatting preferences.
● SmartMobile. SmartMobile allows users to interact with smart solution vending machines and equipment in a touch-free manner. Through SmartMobile, clients can quickly pick up the equipment they need using a unique QR code generator.

IVM provides a wide variety of features that support everyday business processes for our modern and dynamic clients. Clients can pick and choose which innovations they would like to leverage in their workplace, creating their own custom solution that empowers their employees and streamlines their inventory management.

Vending Innovations on the Horizon

IVM is currently developing key innovations to redefine vending for our clients. We are well underway with developing a state-of-the-art touchscreen and brand-new equipment interface, reinvigorating user interaction with existing IVM SmartSolutions. Furthermore, IVM is developing a new device flow, which will streamline device checkout and return, allowing the user to record the serial number of the device or mark it as defective.

Embrace the Future of Vending With IVM

IVM is constantly optimizing our existing products and rolling out new solutions, with near-term projects including a customer information portal and customizable notification slash receipt management. The customer information portal feature will help clients view and manage their support tickets with ease, while the notification slash receipt management feature will allow clients to customize the look and feel of IVM notifications.

IVM is constantly looking forward to identifying new and innovative ways to support clients with their inventory use and management, developing new solutions, and upgrading existing features to deliver quality vending solution output. Reach out to IVM today to take your vending solutions to the next level.

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