IVM’s SmartCenter: A Key Resource for Remote Teams


Keeping a full staff onboard can be difficult, and often expensive. Resources may be limited, and many teams are already maxed out as is. When you need help or a better way to manage resources, IVM has a solution for you: the SmartCenter.

Efficiency is always key when it comes to running a business. The SmartCenter promotes efficiency and allows more productivity among your staff. If you are trying to minimize costs and increase your company’s efficiency, SmartCenter makes it easier for you. Even if you have multiple locations, you can have one management system. SmartCenter takes all the guesswork out of loaning equipment and provides you with an efficient system that can be managed remotely by existing team members, while saving time and increasing productivity.

IVM’s SmartCenter can do much more than equipment loans. Chances are, you use technology at your business, but some tech or tech support can be unreliable at the best of times. Now, imagine a single, cohesive solution to meet your business needs.

If you’re managing multiple locations, or perhaps providing remote support to your own set of clients, it can be challenging to make sure that each location is always staffed with IT personnel. Sometimes, you can’t wait for a job order to be completed. SmartCenter gives your IT personnel the ability to help remote locations by being connected to the hub. With the SmartCenter Hub, you can get live assistance and video support when you need it.

Why Use the SmartCenter?

IVM’s SmartCenter is beneficial for a few important reasons:

● Efficiency. With just one simple system, you can manage all of the tech functions for each of your locations. Just plug into the hub to receive support.
● Cost-Effective. The SmartCenter cuts down on costs. If you open additional locations for your business, you might be wondering about the most cost-effective staffing methods. SmartCenter cuts down on your need to overhire; instead, you can focus your resources on where they’ll be the most productive.
● Cuts the Need to Downsize. Downsizing is always devastating. When you have to choose between downsizing or reducing quality, it’s impossible to choose the right option because they’re both poor. SmartCenter makes the decision for you—you don’t have to downsize or provide a lesser product. SmartCenter gives you the opportunity to provide better support to your teams and keep them all on the clock.

Smart technology is the future. IVM’s SmartCenter is a leader in remote technology and provides clients with a quality product that allows businesses to boost productivity and efficiency without onboarding new employees.

If you provide IT services to various companies, the SmartCenter can be especially useful. You no longer must visit each location that you service, but instead, you can provide quality IT services to every client remotely. Trust IVM to handle all your smart technology needs and consider the SmartCenter for your business needs.

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