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IVM, Inc. Creates Fully Contactless Workplace IT Support Solution


Face-to-face tech support is reimagined for the “new normal” workplace

Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 12, 2020 – From a growing virtual workforce, to accommodating global employee bases, to creating new and productive office environments, companies around the world are grappling with how to enhance and maintain IT support for their employees in today’s evolving workplace. IVM, Inc., a global automated supply distribution company, has unveiled a new solution to help organizations revolutionize their traditional, in-person IT helpdesk models.

SmartCenter® is a fully contactless solution that connects employees to IT support from anywhere. Integrated video chat enables IT staff to provide live, face-to-face service without requiring them to be in the same room as their colleagues. By connecting to SmartCenter®, users can grant IT staff remote access to their devices within minutes to triage the problem. If the issue cannot quickly be resolved via virtual assistance, they can deposit their device in a secure locker for repair and receive a loaner device from the same locker system, already configured for their needs.

“Companies rely on IT support to provide their employees with technology devices and repairs, so they have the tools they need to do their jobs,” said Michael Pitts, President, IVM, Inc. “But the traditional helpdesk process can be frustrating, costly, and time-consuming. SmartCenter® transforms that process into a seamless, contact-free experience that still gives employees the peace of mind of receiving face-to-face IT support.”

Improving the User Experience

SmartCenter® has a compact footprint that can be placed in any office or tech support center, so companies with a distributed workforce can provide personalized IT support without staffing physical helpdesks. IT staff can take over their colleague’s device to solve a problem remotely, and users can quickly return or receive new devices through automated lockers connected to SmartCenter®. Once devices have been repaired, flexible pick-up times for devices eliminate unnecessary delays, and the contactless experiences puts employees at ease.

Enhancing the IT Workflow

SmartCenter® integrates with companies’ current reporting and ticketing systems, including ServiceNow and Zendesk, and provides real-time insights into utilization and efficiency. The solution automatically tracks device drop-offs and pick-ups that occur and notifies IT staff with instant alerts. IT can configure devices remotely and ensure they’re fully charged with built-in connectivity and power, so users can get back to work faster. SmartCenter® also generates access codes for couriers who may need to transport devices between the SmartCenter® and IT repair staff.

Efficient device distribution reduces time spent on administrative work and eliminates the need to staff physical helpdesks. SmartCenter® can be fully customized to a company’s unique hardware and software needs and comes in a variety of packages based on an organization’s needs, including Basic, Plus and Pro, and can sync with IVM’s existing product suite, including SmartStation and SmartLockers.

“SmartCenter® increases productivity for both IT and the business through a streamlined workflow, while reducing costs and increasing efficiency,” Pitts said. “Whether a company is planning a new space or reconfiguring an in-person helpdesk, SmartCenter® is a gamechanger for IT helpdesk support.”

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