IVM and the Benefits of SmartSync

Technology continues to be essential in the workplace, and technical issues can halt your progress at any time. Fortunately, there is a solution that keeps your devices operational and maintained. IVM SmartSync might look like a regular vending machine, but it is built specifically to load, track, exchange, and even charge devices in the workplace.

If you work in an active workplace, it can be tough managing your electronics, especially if shared among many employees. SmartSync helps control that environment and is the perfect machine for many industries. All you need to do is scan an employee ID, enter a locker number, then select what you wish to do with that item. This process can be done 24/7, and eliminates the hassle of worrying where devices are, where certain files are located, and whether a device needs to be charged.

Here are some of the benefits the IVM SmartSync can bring.

Check-Out and Check-In Capabilities – These capabilities allow employees to exchange devices, drop off problematic devices, or check out loaner equipment. SmartSync is built with security controls that track each device’s usage and will send instant notifications to staff if an issue arises.

Power Connectivity – SmartSync has the ability to power your devices without leaving the machine. Each device will be charged and ready to go when needed. This means you won’t have to hurry to finish before your device dies on you.

Network Connectivity – Your network can be wired with SmartSync. This allows you to maintain a connection with several devices as well as reconfigure, access, or update them when needed.

Configured To Product Mix – SmartSync comes in many different bin sizes, and all can be configured to fit your product mix. A product mix is the full assortment of products offered by a company, and SmartSync can help keep track no matter how large your assortment.

Expandability – Multiple SmartSync towers can be connected together. Because IVM can configure SmartSync to any size of product mix, this means you can expand your tower however you see fit.

Time and Effort Saved – The workplace can be hectic. Time is essential and your effort is best put toward the assignments you need to finish before your day ends. Rather than spend a moment searching for a laptop that’s fully charged, let SmartSync handle that for you.

Customizability – In addition to configurability, SmartSync gives you the ability to customize the look of your machine as well. Add your company’s logo and graphics for a visually appealing machine. We’re proud of our blue towers with the IVM logo, but we also encourage you to customize your tower to fit your own business.

We know how crucial electronic devices are in today’s workplace, and we strive to eliminate as many problems as we can. SmartSync saves you time and effort, keeps your devices managed and charged, and can be customized and configured in several different ways. IVM wants you to focus on the hard work you’re doing by taking care of the tasks that can sometimes halt a workday entirely.

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SmartSync keeps your product mix in check so you can focus on your work. Learn more about how you can improve your workplace productivity and inventory with other IVM devices today.

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