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IVM and SOC II Certification


SOC II (Service Organization Control Type 2) is an auditing process that assures service providers that businesses work for are protecting the information and privacy of their clients. Providers that carry a SOC II certifications have met the standards to appropriately ensure that the sensitive information that relates to their clients is sheltered from attacks resulting from hackers, malware, or other unauthorized forms of digital theft.

The five areas that a SOC II certification looks at are privacy, security, availability, processing integrity, and confidentiality. At IVM, we know that this certification is considered one of the most reliable pieces of evidence to help our clients feel protected and confident in the control of these key areas.

Increase Trust and Confidence
When we received our certification, we made a statement about how we conduct ourselves. We understand that the digital age is full of threats, and we have committed ourselves to our clients.
We see the five areas of the certification not as expectations, but as principles. At the core, these principles include:
● Security: Prevention is at the heart of security and should be proactive, not reactive. Using methods such as two-factor authentication, firewalls, and detectors for intrusion helps us stay one step ahead.
● Availability: Keeping our clients up and running is important for their success. This means monitoring performance, quickly recovering after a network disaster, and
providing methods for appropriately handling incidents are all vital.
● Processing integrity: Data is critical to a business and keeping it moving appropriately is important. This involves constant process monitoring and regular quality assurance reviews.
● Confidentiality: Protecting the most vital information isn’t about security but prevention. This involves encryption methods, controlling access to information, and firewall protections.
● Privacy: Data collection must be stored appropriately, accurately, and with the client in mind. Protecting that privacy involves encryptions, controlling access, and using two-factor authentication.

Meets Compliance Requirements

With our knowledge and integration of SOC II protocols, we recognize the unique needs of clients who only seek to do business with companies that have obtained and proven their commitment to these standards. We believe in what we do. With this certification, we know our clients can trust we will back up those beliefs with action.

Working with IVM is a partnership that involves our clients . The success of our business relies on how we continue to help our clients conduct their business. Our certification is evidence of our ongoing commitment to helping our clients reach their maximum potential by ensuring their privacy, their data, and their sensitive information are protected and putting that worry in the back of their minds so they can stay focused on moving their business forward.

With the certification, IVM eliminates the need for potential clients to conduct independent audits to ensure we meet the standards they are looking for. This process is often lengthy and can consume resources. At IVM, we want to support the work of your security team, not add to it.

Get Started With IVM
Time is money in any industry, and IVM seeks to help streamline your security by providing you with service and protection you can count on. With our SOC II certification, we take the guesswork out of our ability to do the job, and we can get right to work for you. For more information, contact IVM today.

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