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IT Issues in 2023 and IVM Solutions

While information technology (IT) continues to expand and improve how we operate in the workplace, various issues that must be addressed may still arise. Some businesses have taken measures to keep their businesses safe from outside sources while satisfying their employees’ needs. Many IT companies have utilized IVM’s SmartStation as a means of having reliable and efficient devices on hand at any time, improving employee satisfaction. IT issues in 2023 are vastly different from problems we faced more than a decade ago, and it’s important to know how to manage the most common issues in IT today.

Cybersecurity Attacks

We continue to see businesses implement online solutions for transferring data and information, but with this comes attempts by outsiders to steal this information. Data breaches are, unfortunately, becoming more common as cybercriminals look for any vulnerabilities available to steal a business’s information for their own personal gain. IVM’s SmartVault, for example, is one of the many tools used to keep track of workplace devices while keeping them out of the hands of outside sources.

Supply Chain Problems

While solutions are being implemented to address the supply chain problems that appeared during the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chains still struggle with various problems today. Primarily, semiconductors, or computer chips, continue to be in short supply, slowing down the construction of various information technologies and devices.

Skill Gap Problems

Some employers have stated that their employees’ skills are overall lower than they desire. A lack of talent available for what businesses need can prevent them from adopting new strategies and technologies in their workplace. One solution to this issue has been the implementation of training schools and boot camps that teach potential employees the skills they need to become successful.

Remote and Hybrid Environments

Remote and hybrid workplaces continue to become more streamlined, and many businesses are taking advantage of this. Many businesses were able to cut various costs due to employees working remotely, but this isn’t without challenges. First, employers must ensure that remote work is done safely without any risk of cyber-attacks. Also, businesses that previously didn’t perform remote work are quickly working to adapt, and while it’s entirely doable, it can be a challenge for those who are inexperienced. It’s crucial for hybrid businesses to keep track of all activities done in both remote and on-site locations, and solutions such as SmartSync can ensure this job is done reliably.

Rising Costs

Inflation, unfortunately, continues to be a problem in our nation, and this is especially true for the IT field. Inflation plays a critical role in not only acquiring the technologies needed for a business to excel but also the ability to pay its employees fairly. Due to labor shortages, some businesses are willing to pay more, and those in the IT field looking for a raise, they’ll quickly change jobs for this reason, causing issues in retention.

The Great Resignation

Businesses must find ways to retain their employees and provide them with the tools needed to be successful. The Great Resignation describes the economic trend in which employees voluntarily resigned from their jobs due to increasing cost of living, hostile work environments, lack of benefits, and more. This also applies to the IT field, where employees felt their jobs were unsatisfactory.

IVM Can Help

At IVM, we provide SmartSystems, such as electronic vending machines and lockers, to streamline the IT field and protect employees’ devices. Companies can benefit from new IT solutions, as 2023 will provide plenty of challenges for businesses to address. We can also provide tech support from anywhere, thanks to our SmartCenters, allowing us to assist you at any time. Contact our team at IVM to learn more about how we can help your company navigate these challenges.

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