In Race for Top Office Perks, ‘Smart Vending’ Tilts the Scales

From flexible schedules, to their choice of workplace technology, to snack bars, the battle for retaining and attracting top talent is only heating up.

Many of our customers have found that our ‘smart’ vending machines and supply vending offerings convey the distinctive culture they are selling to prospective employees. In fact, one of the first rites of passage for Facebook employees is to pick up their gear from a Facebook-branded IVM machine. A recent HBO documentary called San Francisco 2.0 features an IVM machine at Dropbox’s offices in the opening minutes.

Industries outside the periphery of Silicon Valley, like finance, have found that workplace culture is an arena in which they are losing the recruitment battle. Recently, a major financial and payment cards company deployed one of our machines in a new Middle East campus. IVM also counts The Bank of New York Mellon and NerdWallet among its customers.

To tilt the scales, companies like these are using our vending solutions to create a frictionless work environment that empowers high-value employees to spend their time on the work that matters most.