How to Transform the Higher Education Experience this School Year

This back-to-school season is unlike any other. Many campuses are back in action amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and on top of the usual IT responsibilities like device servicing and distribution, IT professionals in the higher education space are extra busy navigating the complexities of the hybrid, virtual or in-person school year ahead.

Whether students and faculty are in the library, teaching in a virtual classroom, or alternating between lecture halls and home offices, a frictionless technology distribution process has never been more important for universities and colleges looking to ensure their students and staff have the tools they need to be successful. IVM’s latest automated smart technologies can transform the higher education experience—for IT professionals and students and staff—with improved access, secure distribution, and significant cost savings. Here are a few ways we can help:

Accessible Helpdesk Support

IVM automated smart lockers can facilitate frictionless break/fix support on campus by allowing 24/7 secure drop-off and pick-up times for technology device repair. Students and staff can video chat with an IT team member through a kiosk and receive face-to-face IT help without being person-to-person. Campus IT staff can remote into a device to make the necessary repairs, so students and staff can quickly move on with their days.

If an issue is more complex and requires additional repairs, a user can place their device into a smart locker for the IT team to pick up for servicing. IVM’s technology also allows quick configuration of loaner devices, so a user who needs a device for temporary use can continue on with their studies until IT has repaired the original laptop.

Convenient Smart Vending

Leverage IVM’s smart vending machines to offer convenient access to popular products and distribute tech items like headphones, chargers and streaming devices to students and staff anywhere on campus. Improve the customer experience by providing faster, secure and on-demand access to important products students and staff use to get their work done or find entertainment, while simultaneously improving IT operations on the back-end. For more details on smart vending for college campuses, take a look at how Fairfield University leveraged IVM’s SmartStation on its campus.

Secure Tech Distribution

IVM smart lockers provide valuable back-end data that guide higher ed IT departments in their inventory management. When a staff member or student checks out a laptop for studying or facilitating lessons, usage is automatically tracked and the machine notifies IT when a laptop is taken or returned, allowing school administrators to gain an instant picture of IT support utilization. Smart lockers also allow campus IT staff who previously travelled across campus to deliver devices the ability to set up laptops in advance and have one team member drop them off to a designated locker. This helps save time on scheduling and delivering, so IT can focus on more pressing projects.

If your IT department is looking for ways to create a more seamless technology experience on campus this school year, please reach out to us for a conversation!

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