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How to Prepare for Contact-Free IT Support

As we all look for ways to plan for a safe transition back to work in the office, companies across the world are exploring new solutions and creating new processes to ensure employees can safely do their jobs while having access to everything they need to be productive.

At IVM, we’ve been working closely with our customers throughout the pandemic to develop solutions that are safe and effective for today’s evolving workplace. Many companies rely on in-person IT support to provide their employees with technology devices and repairs, so we’ve been working hard to reimagine the IT experience by developing a contact-free solution that still maintains the peace of mind of face-to-face IT support.

Introducing SmartCenter®: Face-to-Face Tech Support Reimagined

We’re excited to introduce SmartCenter®, IVM’s latest innovation that functions as a smart locker and virtual live IT help desk rolled into one small footprint. Users simply approach the kiosk, start their video chat session and connect their device for IT staff to troubleshoot remotely. If the problem cannot be quickly resolved, IT staff can configure a loaner laptop for the employee to take out of the locker, leaving the broken device in its place for repair.

Contactless Break/Fix Support from Anywhere

With SmartCenter, IT teams can provide live support from anywhere. Whether an employee works at your company’s headquarters or in a field office, SmartCenter offers a reassuring user support experience with a safe, contactless system. It also increases productivity for the business through a streamlined workflow.

SmartCenter enables contactless break/fix device support by leveraging video to connect users to a technician. Users can deposit devices for repair at the SmartCenter and take advantage of flexible pick-up times after devices have been fixed. IT teams can easily integrate SmartCenter with their current reporting and ticketing systems, including ServiceNow and Zendesk, while gaining new insights into utilization and efficiency through integration with IVM SmartHub.

SmartCenter is highly customizable, and IVM offers a variety of packages to consider based on your needs. You can find additional information about SmartCenter’s features, benefits and packages in this overview.

Transforming Workplaces

At IVM, we’ve always been focused on transforming workplaces to ensure employees can be productive, and today is no exception. Does SmartCenter seem like a fit for you and your colleagues? If you have questions or would like to have a conversation, please reach out to us!

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