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How Smart Lockers Aid Employee Wellness

At an Indianapolis-based financial company, Hull & Knarr, eco-friendly and accessible are the keywords that describe wellness initiatives. The company has instated a bright orange workout and locker room that holds company-owned bikes, bikes that are meant for employees to flit around on during lunch time or even ride to work and back home. The use of smart locks has been instrumental in making employees do away with all the excuses for not biking. Around five to six of the thirteen employees now use the bikes daily, thanks to easy access to biking, and technology to keep their belongings safe while they enjoy a ride. The best driver for this has been the use of smart locks—locks that track employee use and well-being by recording how many times the lockers are opened. In fact, the smart lockers have been programmed to “talk to” the company’s rewards and incentives scheme for wellness, thereby ensuring high adoption rates. It is truly amazing how a single change in the technological infrastructure has been instrumental in helping employees balance work and wellness, at Hull and Knarr. This is a chance to revolutionize wellness, without heavy investments. These lockers are made by a company called IVM Inc. and find myriad applications such as being an IT help to storing snacks and medical supplies (thereby aiding employee safety).

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