How Lockers Help One Company Reduce PC Delivery Costs

Did you know IVM builds smart lockers to help store larger items like laptops? In addition to our IT peripheral vending machines, we also have locker solutions that can help companies supply computers and larger electronics to employees at any time of day.

For example, Intel came to us with a need to streamline its IT processes. The company’s IT team receives more than 70,000 PC delivery service requests per year. In order to cut down on the time needed to fulfill these requests and reduce employee wait time, Intel installed our lockers to facilitate computer replacements, repairs and refreshes. This turnkey setup allows employees to go to a machine, swipe their badge and retrieve a new computer from a predetermined locker. In addition to the laptop, employees also retrieve a USB stick from the locker, which helps them setup the operating system on their new computer. Then with cloud services, employees can have a seamless user workspace from their old device to their new one.

This benefits employees because they get to choose when they pickup their new laptop and configure it at a time that is convenient for them. It also benefits the IT staff by reducing the number of hours they spend migrating a user’s data, applications and settings to a new computer. Intel has roughly 1,000-1,500 employees using these lockers on a weekly basis, and the company estimates that this process cuts down IT PC delivery costs by as much as 30 percent.

Ultimately, smart lockers can create a better experience for employees and help IT staff address more complex issues. The possibilities of what you can vend, through smart lockers and vending machines, are endless.

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