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How IVM Solutions Improve Companies’ Internal Supply Chains

IVM’s entire business model promotes efficient and effective supply chain management within your business. Regardless of the supplies your workers need, in a 21st-century global economy, there shouldn’t be any reason to halt production or force downtime on highly-skilled teams while they drum their fingers, waiting for a shipment to arrive so they can put their knowledge to work.

IVM has harnessed the power of technology to help companies with remote sites utilize shared equipment quickly by using SmartCenter, which decreases reliance on outside suppliers and strengthens communication and production from within. Electronic devices can also be easily loaned, tracked, and maintained using the IVM SmartSync to lengthen their shelf-life and provide employees with the devices they require without forcing companies to empty their pockets on electronics that will gather dust due to infrequent use by one worker.

When the need for a product is critical, it makes more sense to look within first rather than outside, where circumstances beyond your control can gum up the works with any number of irritating, even financially devastating, factors. Online access is another crucial element of supply chain readiness, so IVM developed the SmartVault for handheld devices, which can be shared, easily checked in and out to offer seamless inventory capabilities for managers, and quickly charged for on-the-go access. Having these internal resources and capabilities is another boon for your business, as workers will have both the devices and connectivity capabilities at their fingertips at any given time.

Holistically Healing the World’s Supply Chains

No, there isn’t an herbal remedy, meditation mantra, or tincture to help the world’s broken supply chains heal, but there are ways to prevent further disruptions and mend current problems with common sense solutions in real time. First of all, kudos to the multitude of companies that have undergone vast shifts in the way they supply products to their employees and their customers; they have faced unprecedented challenges and have risen to the occasion with immense flexibility and a drastic but beneficial increase in customer support and communication.

The fact remains, though, that the more autonomous and proactively a company can prepare to equip its employees with the tools they need to better serve clients, the less reliance they will need on outside suppliers who are at the mercy of too many potential global disasters. With IVM, our future-ready solutions empower businesses to take control of their supplies easily while giving their employees more time to create and innovate.

Since 1993, we have been working to increase the accessibility of these tools in industries such as IT, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, education, utilities, and more, and we are even more driven to continue identifying and implementing new breakthroughs in internal supply chain management and distribution.

To find out how IVM can help your business break free of external supply chains and their unpredictability, contact IVM today using our online form. We can help you find the SmartSolutions that combine software and hardware so that your business can operate as efficiently as possible.

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