Imagine being stuck in a loop where every day is exactly the same. No matter what happens or what is accomplished, it just feels like nothing matters. If this sounds familiar, it’s pretty close to what Bill Murray’s character felt like in the movie Groundhog Day. And if that doesn’t ring a bell, it pretty much sums up most lives starting in March of 2020.

It’s a familiar story for many people who suddenly found themselves staying home every day from work. And while this “staycation” may have been enjoyable for the first month, by the second, third, and even fourth it just seemed to start dragging on. And after binging Tiger King, there wasn’t much left to do but reflect on the pitfalls and opportunities associated with the pandemic.

Prior to the pandemic, the labor force was already feeling the stress of low-paying jobs, which saw turnover rates just above 50%. Job satisfaction was at an all-time low, even though the labor market was close to full employment. What the pandemic did was allow those frustrated workers to take a much-needed step back and reevaluate the priorities in their lives.

As a result, the labor force shifted, with workers looking for higher-paying jobs that made them feel as though they were valued. Job searches were at an all-time high, and so were resignations. “The Great Resignation” phenomena was in full swing. Now, with stay-at-home orders lifted and the world essentially back to “normal,” companies are left maneuvering around the challenges of the shift in labor like they just watched The Floor Is Lava.

Thankfully, there have been developments in the production of smart technology systems that work to help fill many of these gaps.

For many large corporations, paper trails are essential for productivity. The ability to track and verify processes between departments is vital to the success of the company. The same goes with ensuring that supply inventories are correct. However, this often costs large amounts of time that lowers employee productivity in other essential areas.

Smart systems create an automated process for many of these once-cumbersome routines. Need to file an IT ticket? Instead of submitting a ticket and waiting for a specialist, simply visit the SmartCenter and chat with a live person via video feed. If they can’t solve the problem right then, settings can be transferred to a loaner device waiting in a locker at the station. Need a specific office supply? Instead of checking the inventory, simply head to the SmartStation that serves as your in-house supply of the essentials. IVM’s analytics software digitally tracks and manages your supplies. Have a company that requires specific devices but doesn’t have the personnel to check in or out the equipment? The SmartVault can let an employee scan their badge, and it opens the locker for the equipment to keep them on track.

With automated smart systems, employees can focus on the job they were hired to do. No longer will they have to spend extra time on mundane tasks that decrease their daily productivity. The same amount of work that once took two days or two employees may now only take one. This lowers the need for additional labor to meet the needs of your company.

These products offered by IVM, Inc. are devised to empower your employees and create efficiency. If you’re looking to hire, but don’t have the right applicant (or any applicants), consider our resume — we think it speaks for itself. Contact us today and let us help your business become more efficient and productive.