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How Does IVM Reporting Work?

IVM Smart Stations™ make the office supply cabinet obsolete and automate the entire supply tracking and distributing process. Smart vending is so smart, it tells you exactly what’s happening behind the scenes in real-time from your reporting screen. If you’re the point person whose job it is to manually assign which employees get what, IVM reporting will be music to your master spreadsheets. With it, you’ll be able to see at-a-glance insights, such as who gets the supplies, what supplies they get and automatic cues that signal when it’s time to place a new supply order. Think of IVM reporting as your window on the world of newfound workplace productivity.

IVM reporting is a web-based program you access from a laptop computer or another device. The first time you log in, it’s already pre-loaded with pertinent information about your Smart Station™ or locker. If you have multiple machines, the program knows that too. On your dashboard, you’ll have options that include Summary Reports, Detail Reports, Inventory Reports and Fill Reports.

The Summary Report shows you vend history by machine, item and employee — you can even drill down and isolate a department, cost center and job code. From there, you can pull out important nuggets, such as which items people use the most. Why is this useful? Let’s say nobody’s wants No. 2 pencils, but the Keurig K-cups are in high demand — you can make on-the-spot decisions about reorders. In fact, you can even determine how seasonality affects supply and demand. Naturally, coffee and cocoa consumption tends to go up when the temperatures drop in the winter and fall. This kind of information ensures you don’t order too much of something people don’t want, or too little of something really useful.

You can also track supplies per employee. Detail Reports dig a little deeper into individual vends, per machine. With them, you get a snapshot broken down daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. Equipped with this information, you’ll know which employees vend what and when they’ve met their monthly limit, or are getting close. Fill and Inventory Reports tell you important information about what products have vended since your last restock, so you know when it’s time to refill the machine.

Looking Ahead

The other great benefit of reporting is your ability to customize reports and have them show up in your inbox daily, weekly or monthly. For example, let’s say you want to monitor how often people get note pads. You select “note pads” in the custom field and your report will be in your inbox on the day(s) you requested it. You can also select other people in the company to receive the same report.

With an IVM Smart Station, you don’t have to change anything with your current suppliers. This information just allows you to be smarter with your buying decisions. And it helps you stay a step or two ahead of reorders and restocking.

We told you we vend anything. Even extra free time with IVM reporting.

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