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How CIOs and Business Leaders Can Stand Out in the Digital Age

It’s no secret that millennials expect more out of the products and services they subscribe to, through improved app-based interactions or unique digital experiences.

This new expectation is placing added pressure on companies to meet the challenge, according to a new report in Forbes CIO’s Guide to Digital Transformation. To fend off competitors and stand out in the post-digital age, one key strategy outlined by Forbes is to tap data to improve existing processes and to uncover new sources of revenue.
When it comes to digital transformation, IVM’s supply-vending solutions help companies in a variety of sectors modernize the way they equip employees with the supplies they need to do their jobs. By digitizing the supply closet, IVM helps companies keep track of what supplies go where, keep costs predictable and automate the process of inventory management.

The result: a simple way to monitor supply usage while accommodating employees in a unique and tech-centric way. It’s clear that companies poised for long-term success are increasingly investing in information as a competitive differentiator.

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