How Automation Empowers Your Workplace

Remember when IBM introduced the “Acorn,” the first IBM PC? If you were born after the 90s, it’s safe to say you don’t. Even generations who saw the advancement of the commercial computing era of the 1950s wouldn’t conduct their businesses with the machines from the good old days. So why should we avoid adopting ever-evolving technological advances to improve today’s workplace?
The mid-20th century began the Information Technology (IT) era. For businesses today, IT team members remain essential to the support system of companies, building and maintaining their computer-based information systems. As old computers have been improved and replaced with new models and enhanced efficiencies, it’s not surprising that our approach to IT tools should advance the same.
Not all tried and true methods are in the bygone era; however—here’s where businesses implementing the adage, “work smarter, not harder,” means following the advancements in technology with automation. Business process automation can make a significant difference in the development and well-being of the workplace.
Save Time
According to a 2020 In(Sight) Report, 53 percent of employees say they can save up to 2 of work hours daily using automation.
Smart, automated solutions for tracking inventory, like IVM’s SmartStation, keep a record of usage and preferences so businesses can optimize the workplace with 24-hour access to tools. This frees critical time for employees to focus on more crucial tasks during the workday. Automated technology can even handle multiple tasks, implementing a more efficient workplace system.
Save Money
After replacing manual processing, studies show that 57 percent of IT leaders say that automation technology saved their companies between 10 and 50 percent.
That means eliminating repetitive tasks—fit more for a computer than a human—from an employee’s workday reduces unnecessary costs and repositions the daily focus to more critical issues within the business. Here, employees will get to implement what separates us from computers: critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving. In other words, this highlights the employee’s skills instead of wasting time on repetitive tasks.
As costs reduce, companies will see more opportunities to reinvest their savings back into their business and the ability to invest in positions more suited to help maintain and improve the company’s future.
Reduce Error
Even a company’s most experienced employees are still human. According to research, 60-80% of accidents are due to the errors of human beings, not AI. Performance level, especially when conducting repetitive tasks, can vary depending on a team member’s overall wellness, attention, and environment. On the other hand, a computer can perform these monotonous tasks the same today as it did yesterday, reducing the likelihood of error.
Increase Protection
Gone are the days of punch cards and filing cabinets. Storing data digitally significantly reduces the risk of vulnerable documents and recordkeeping from theft, corruption, and damage from unforeseeable Acts of God like weather or fire.
Tracking supplies is made more secure with automation, too. IVM’s SmartLocker allows fragile and bulky supplies for Check-Out/Check-In. Built-in security tracks usage and sends instant notifications to designated team members.
Build a Stronger Business and Team
Improving your business’s growth and maintenance starts with adopting tomorrow’s ideas today. Transforming your team’s workplace with automated supply distribution is a great place to begin. At IVM, we value the transformation of smart, forward-thinking workplaces one supply at a time.
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