Going global? Expand your vision with vending

Whether you’re thinking of expanding your business globally or you’re simply dreaming of your next trip abroad, international cities are filled with opportunities. At IVM, we’ve grown our international client base significantly in 2017. Vending solutions are booming internationally, and we’re excited to see what 2018 has in store for us.

In the United Kingdom, for example, we’ve partnered with many organizations such as Workday UK, Salesforce London, King, Mozilla London and Dyson UK to help streamline everyday processes for their employees. The main goal of our partnership with these brands is to assist in the procurement of the company’s tech and office supplies. Helping not only the employee by giving them immediate access to the tools they need without having to process paperwork, but simplifying the management and ordering process of these items for the company.

Something to consider when expanding your business internationally is making sure your company is investing in the infrastructure to support that growth. Employee supply procurement falls under this category, as it helps streamline inefficiencies such as waiting for requests to be processed and having to place product orders. Whether it’s a laptop, a hardhat or goggles, vending and locker solutions can help a growing company stay organized.

As you work to expand a business internationally, it’s likely your vision for the business will expand, too. If you’re ready to take your business global, or are looking for an office refresh, consider making technology solutions, like vending machines and locker systems, part of your vision.

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