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Easy Install: We Make It Simple

Any time you plunk down money for a major purchase, you always hope that everything goes well on the back end with the delivery and installation. There are logistical concerns such as, will it fit inside an elevator or the stairwell? Will my lobby door be wide enough. What about the space I picked out, is that the best spot?

At IVM, we have a 100% guaranteed-satisfaction clause that always ladders back to our promise of delivering the most value with minimal effort on the part of our clients. Since the beginning, we envisionsed supply vending as a way for you to sit back and watch as devices and supplies work together to seamlessly deliver better value for you and your company. It’s why IVM Smart Stations™ become an integral part of a company’s culture, starting on day one with their on-time arrival.

In a survey of more than 75,000 customers, the most important factor in customer loytalty, was reducing their effort to get a problem solved.

As a customer-first company, we’re always putting client needs ahead of our business goals. Way before your Smart Station shows up for work, we verify all of those logistical questions such as height, weight and width requirements, ensuring that your new vending solution will fit right in. If you choose White Glove Service, that means you don’t have to lift a finger once the machine arrives. We’ll unbox it and take it where it needs to go. Then, we do a standard quality test to make sure nothing shifted during the shipping, get your Smart Station up and running quickly; verify connectivity (LAN or Cellular), make sure it’s connected to your servers and that everything is vending properly. We’ll also test the signal strength.

After that, we brief the person in charge on how to use the machine by walking them through the user’s manual. We’ll point out things such as, how to restock the machine when it’s getting low and how to do summary reports and other types of reporting.

One of the best things about automating your supplies is always knowing when things are running low and when it’s time to restock — and not just by standing in front of the machine. You can also set alerts to give you advance notice when it’s time to replenish keyboards, power cords and other supplies, so you’ll never have a lag in productivity. Another great reporting feature is the ability to see what’s trending—which supplies employees are using the most. This helps you avoid any extra surplus and ensures you always have what you need on hand.

Down the road , we’re available whenever you have questions about your new Smart Station or you just want to tell us how great it’s working out. We get that a lot.

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