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Client-Focused Back-End Achievements Driving IVM’s SmartHub


IVM is leading internal organization inventory management not only because of our custom-made mechanical vending solutions but also because of the digital capabilities that optimize company systems. These “back-end” achievements allow clients to track their inventory seamlessly, ensuring that the right resources fall into authorized hands and minimizing points of contact to promote hygiene when necessary. Webhooks, Vend and Return, and SmartMobile are crowning examples of digital capabilities driving our networks.


Webhooks automate key data transfers within the IVM digital landscape. Embedded in our application programming interface, or API, webhooks give Smarthub permissions and capabilities to send real-time alerts to integrated applications or systems when triggered by a specific event.

The webhook capability empowers an organization’s decision-makers to understand what is happening in real-time with their SmartSolutions. Upon accessing the interface, clients can see transaction histories in real-time without having to wait for delayed notifications or manually query data transfers. Clients can automate inventory data updates, allowing them to identify key stock indicators without delay and make informed, fast judgment decisions.

Clients can ensure that their SmartSolutions metrics feedback suits their organizational needs by deciding which events, such as Successful Vend or Successful Return, should trigger notifications, which data fields to show in real-time, and how it will be formatted. This real-time data can be integrated with existing client digital solutions, promoting seamless data management across the organization, and streamlining workflows.

Vend and Return

Vend and Return, a feature in IVM’s SmartSolutions, empowers clients to automatically set up certain vend events with specified inventory assigned to certain employees, eliminating the need for manual invention when checking out items. Such capabilities ensure that employees use the correct stock items, streamline checkout processes, and prevent restricted items from falling into the wrong hands, ultimately minimizing company liability.

Stakeholders and decision-makers can quickly view and monitor inventory levels in each bin, configuring the system so that the next authorized employee who scans their badge will receive the following available item. By enabling Vend and Return, bins will become closed off for further vending, and the employee with the checked-out item will be restricted from prompting new items until the current item is returned. This powerful “back-end” capability allows organizations to streamline their resource management, getting employees the tools they need quickly and efficiently.

Mobile App

IVM’s mobile app, SmartMobile, allows employees to interact contactlessly with the company SmartSolutions. This hand-free approach allows employees to get the tools and resources they need without manual intervention, with the option to use SmartMobile to view all available products and reserve them for later pick-up. This option is particularly valuable for employee satisfaction, allowing them to efficiently access needed resources.

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Creating a solution that optimizes internal surveillance and resource management requires innovatively engineered systems, requiring electrical, mechanical and software interventions. IVM has mastered various disciplines to curate custom solutions that streamline internal processes for organizations, allowing them to stay lean and providing them with additional information about their own organization to leverage for informed resource management. Let us create the solutions you need today to ensure your company thrives tomorrow. Contact us now to get started.  

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