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The Benefits of IVM’s SmartLocker

A SmartLocker is customizable to your needs. Compartments will fit the size of your bulkier items, or even smaller packages. Additionally, it can house frequently used items like batteries, face masks, storage devices, and more.

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The IVM SmartCenter – Reducing Staff Costs

The IVM SmartCenter offers a solution. This is not only for companies without hands-on technical support but also as extra support to companies that already have on-site technicians and support staff.

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IVM and the Benefits of SmartSync

Technology continues to be essential in the workplace, and technical issues can halt your progress at any time. Fortunately, there is a solution that keeps your devices operational and maintained.

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The IVM SmartCenter

By minimizing staff at the IT help desk and significantly decreasing the time it takes for employees to interact with IT support, staff returns to work more quickly after a stall in production caused by IT issues.

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How IVM Products Help Minimize Staffing

Smart systems create an automated process for many of these once-cumbersome routines. Need to file an IT ticket? Instead of submitting a ticket and waiting for a specialist, simply visit the SmartCenter and chat with a live person via video feed.

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