Beyond the Ping-Pong Table: Workplace Empowerment and Productivity

Many employers offer the standard benefits package: healthcare, a 401(k) plan and maybe even a loaded snack bar. More often these days; however, companies vying for top talent are looking for extra perks and creative ideas to set themselves apart. This is especially true in fields like banking and finance, where companies find themselves competing with the tech world for top employees.

One area of improvement is the concept of a frictionless workplace, in which employees are empowered to pursue their day-to-day responsibilities and passions with fewer headaches or cumbersome admin tasks. One analysis of more 500 studies on the topic of purchase ordering, found that an average of five people are involved in the purchasing process of company supplies. Further, each purchase consists of 42 steps with an average of six handoffs and approvals. To make matters worse, it takes companies an average of 90 minutes to work through a single purchase order.

To free up IT staff and employees for more important things, some of the world’s leading technology companies have become IVM customers. A recent HBO documentary even featured an IVM machine at Dropbox’s headquarters in the context of workplace perks in Silicon Valley. Not only does automated supply vending benefit companies’ bottom lines, but it benefits employees in the long run, too.

A lack of productivity during the workday due to computer issues, broken USB drives and misplaced chargers can heighten stress as they wait for the IT department to provide a solution. Instead of filling out IT tickets and waiting days for new gear to come in, an employee can simply check out new gear from a vending machine or locker – with the swipe of a badge, or their fingerprint – and be ready to go minutes later.

Outside of the tech industry, automated vending machines carry some of the same benefits for workers in fields like healthcare, manufacturing, banking and finance, construction and more. Potentially any company that supplies its employees with equipment stands to benefit.

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