Above and Beyond: IVM’s Demonstrated Dedication to Compliance and Security

Due to the ever-changing technological innovations and structures of today’s world, it is challenging to maintain quality standards of security and compliance. At IVM, our company is deeply aware of how critical it is to protect the interests of our clients. Therefore, we are dedicated to upholding and implementing excellent compliance and security standards across all of our vending solutions.

Understanding Our Commitment to SOC 2 Compliance Standards

IVM critically adheres to SOC 2 standards. SOC 2, otherwise known as Service Organization Control 2, is a robust procedure for auditing that allows service providers to manage their data securely, protecting their clients’ interests and privacy. By achieving a SOCII Type 2 certification, IVM has demonstrated our unrelenting commitment to high-level operational integrity and data security.

IVM’s SOC 2 compliance is in line with the trust services criteria framework, which involves security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. With this framework, clients can be assured that our systems are blocking unauthorized access, readily available for use, and operating as agreed upon. They can also be certain that system processing is timely, accurate, complete, valid, and authorized, with confidential information staying protected.

CE and FCC Certifications for IVM products

CE (Conformité Européenne) involves high-level health, safety, and environmental standards that are required by the European Economic Area. By attaining CE certification, IVM has demonstrated the robust quality control and diligent engineering that makes up the foundation of our product development.

Furthermore, our attainment of FCC (Federal Communications Commission) certification shows how our electronic suite of products is in line with the electromagnetic interference standards required by the United States. IVM’s FCC compliance demonstrates that our products are not harmfully interfering with other communications, operating with ease in different environments.

Actively Addressing Data Security and Privacy

At IVM, data security is a foundational part of our operational motives. We implement a comprehensive strategy for data security, shown through our compliance certification of PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). This involves various requirements, including maintaining secure applications and systems, regularly assessing system vulnerability, implementing access controls, and monitoring and testing networks regularly.

Moreover, at IVM, our team is aware that a strong data privacy strategy does not just involve blocking threats from external actors but also upholding the privacy rights of individuals. We have ISO 27001 certification, demonstrating that our information security management system is in line with international standards for information security. According to ISO 27001, our policies and procedures ensure the careful management of sensitive information.

IVM’s Ongoing Journey of a Continuous Commitment to Security and Compliance

At IVM, we are dedicated to building ever-evolving and dynamic processes to continuously monitor and improve the robustness of our systems. Our team stays on top of emerging threats, such as security breach strategies that are on the rise, as well as ever-changing laws and regulations associated with data protection, security, and compliance.

By ensuring that data protection best practices are implemented, carrying out constant assessments of system security, and actively following changes in regulation, our products reflect our commitment to excellence in compliance and security.  IVM ultimately aims to grow and foster client trust by being transparent and open about our compliance initiatives and security efforts.

Transform Your Organization Today: Implement Vending Solutions Adhering to Optimal Security and Compliance Standards

By staying committed to upholding excellent standards of security and compliance, IVM can protect the sensitive information of our clients and buttress the integrity and reliability of our SmartSolutions. IVM aims to make continuous strides in security and compliance so that new and existing clients can trust us with their most valuable assets. Contact us today to learn more.

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