Howard Calderon


Howard Calderon was born and raised in a family that had vending in its blood. Calderon Brothers Vending was the largest independent food service, snack, and beverage vending operator in the state of Indiana until his family sold the business in 2009. Howard grew up in the business by working every job within the company, from sweeping floors as a young man to eventually rising to the CEO position.

Michael Pitts


Michael Pitts is president of IVM, Inc., and is responsible for complete oversight of the company’s operations. Michael is proud to be a part of a team that helps companies empower workers to create, innovate and do what they love by providing them with instant access to essential workplace tools.

Julie Clesi


Julie joined IVM in 2001 after relocating to Indianapolis with her husband and children. As the Chief Operating Officer her priority is to ensure IVM delivers value across many dimensions and provides an exceptional customer experience. Julie is proud to be a team member at a company that is recognized as one of the world’s most innovative automated distribution providers.

Jeff Gabonay

Director of Sales

Nathan Guffey

Director of S&I

Timothy Lee

Director of S&O

Wayne Bender

Director of IT Services

Automated Supply Distribution

Create, Innovate and Do What We Love

IVM is an automated supply distribution company that empowers people to create, innovate and do what they love by providing instant access to essential tools.

Our mission is to transform workplaces one supply at a time by placing those critical tools and supplies within arm’s reach of the brilliant people who use them every day. In 1993, we began in smart supply distribution through a partnership with Union Pacific, where we developed systems to store and distribute gear to employees with the swipe of a badge. Today, we provide SmartSolutions to clients in a variety of industries, including IT, manufacturing, financial services, transportation, healthcare, education and utilities. IVM-operated SmartSolutions dispense equipment for more than 200 clients across all 50 states and in 38 countries to help companies across all industries streamline processes and cut supply chain management costs.

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