3 Ways to Refresh Your Smart Vending Machine as Employees Return to the Office

On the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies and organizations around the world are starting to bring their workforces back to physical offices. In fact, a recent survey of business leaders by LaSalle Network shows that 70% of companies anticipate having their people back in the office in some capacity by this fall.

Whether your employees are returning full-time or just a few days per week, it’s time to start thinking about teeing up or refreshing your IVM SmartStation so employees can reach maximum productivity as they’re resettling into the office. Our flagship product allows for simple, safe and immediate access to the critical supplies employees need, 24/7.

Here are three ways to refresh your smart vending machine to ensure employees have access to the supplies they need to do their jobs:

Collect Feedback

As staff members head back to the office, seek feedback from employees on what supplies or tools they lacked while working from home. What are they excited to have easy access to in the office, and what would make their jobs more productive? Field surveys to employees or have informational conversations with workers in a variety of roles and levels to understand what they’d like to have immediate access to on a day-to-day basis in the office. Looking beyond daily needs, consider including some fun swag or other company branded items to excite employees as they settle back into office life.

Take Stock of Your Current Items

Evaluate what’s currently in your SmartStation and ask whether or not it’s still relevant today. Revisit your latest inventory and usage data via IVM’s SmartHub to reacquaint yourself with supplies that were in high-demand and ensure they continue to be accessible as employees head back to work. It’s possible what was once valuable to employees before the pandemic may have changed, so it’s important to gather feedback and remain flexible as you monitor new usage trends and understand how your SmartStation can best be utilized based on employees’ current needs in today’s new work landscape.

Work with Your IVM Account Team to Get Set Up!

Once you have a good sense of what will be helpful for your employees, reach out to touch base with your IVM account team to discuss how to transform your workplace, one supply at a time! We can help discuss your company’s needs and share how some of our latest innovations have evolved to meet the needs of today’s future of work. We’re always innovating at IVM and we are happy to work with you directly to customize your SmartSolutions based on the unique current or changing needs of your workforce.

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