3 Reasons Why SmartLockers are the Future of Employee Onboarding

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted many workers across all industries—particularly those who were office-based or worked in a corporate headquarters—to reconsider their geographic locations. More than a year later, with a spotlight on remote and hybrid workforce models, the company of the future may be one that adopts a flexible environment where many workers are dispersed—across states, different office locations or even in their own homes—on a more permanent basis.

While a distributed workforce provides many benefits, employers will need to address these new work models with innovative solutions to ensure key processes can be executed smoothly. One area that will require transformation is staff onboarding, particularly as new hires and departing employees may no longer be based in a central location.

Did you know that IVM’s SmartLocker can be used as a tool to streamline employee on and off-boarding? SmartLocker enables contact-free pick-up and drop-off for a wide range of items. Here are a few ways it can benefit HR and IT teams who are working with distributed workforces:

Tech Distribution

When new employees start at an organization, they will need the proper technology to do their jobs. Most notably, laptops, monitors, peripherals and phones are often necessities before an employee can get started. But what if there’s no IT staff located in a company’s field office, or an employee was hired on as fully remote? SmartLocker provides secure device pick-up so new employees can retrieve their pre-programmed technology devices at a time most convenient to them. Lockers can be customized to fit larger items that benefit employees’ productivity, too, like monitor screens or other work-from-home supplies.

Onboarding Kits

Beyond tech supplies, SmartLocker is also a great way to ensure employees receive HR onboarding kits that include guidelines, forms that may require a signature or even welcome swag like company apparel or other branded items. These materials can be bundled with technology needs and placed in lockers, creating a smooth, efficient process for the new employee. Employees who are departing can also leverage lockers for a secure device return method, ensuring company protocols are followed closely.

Smooth Processes for Everyone

In addition to a seamless on-boarding experience for employees, our lockers also greatly benefit workers in HR and IT departments on the back-end by reducing the need for physical, in-person staffing at select locations and ensuring onboarding materials can be staged in an appropriate locker well in advance of an employee’s start or end date. SmartLocker is also a great solution for IT break/fix support—when an employee needs tech support, they can quickly drop their device in an assigned locker for IT staff to service, while also picking up a pre-programmed loaner device so they can continue being productive.

While there are many use cases for SmartLockers that can transform workplace processes into seamless experiences, employee onboarding is a key area we’re working with our clients closely on to ensure employees have everything they need to do their jobs, especially as organizations continue to embrace distributed workforce models. If you are interested in learning more about how IVM’s smart solutions can enhance your employees’ experience and productivity, please reach out to us for conversation!

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