10 Office Gadgets To Liven Up Your Desk

All told, people spend more waking hours at the office than anywhere else. So, why not add a bit of fun to your desk—and your work life—by investing in a quirky gadget or two? You’ll definitely spark conversations with your co-workers, and it’s a good way to lighten a stressful day or counteract a case of the Mondays.

Rubik’s Cube magnetic pen holder
This retro Rubik’s Cube turns holding the essentials into nostalgia. With enough room for pens, scissors and push pins, and magnetic sides to keep your paper clips handy. At just 4 inches high, it won’t take up much desk real estate either.

Motivational posters
Posters not only spruce up bare walls and cubicles, they can also be a daily source of inspiration. And we’re not talking about the old-school motivational posters with cheesy photos and watered-down headlines. Today’s motivational posters have simple statements, such as “Every day I’m hustling” and “Be you, not them.”

Coloring books for grow ups
You don’t need a Ping-Pong table in the break room to give employees a reason to collaborate and blow off steam. Adult coloring books are an inexpensive way to add levity to the work day. In fact, there are also coloring puzzle stations that bring people together to problem solve.

Zen gardens
Stay centered at work with this miniature landscape containing rocks, water features, sand, trees and bushes. These small-scale versions are mini takes on the classical gardens from Zen Buddhism in Kyoto, Japan. The intention is to imitate the essence of nature, not how it looks per se, but as a meditation aid to discover the true meaning of life. These tiny terrains are a fun distraction, help you destress and come with small rakes to build your own patterns in the sand.

Posture monitor
It’s called the Lumo Lift, and it’s the handy gadget you attach to your shirt. A small sensor detects when you start to slouch and gently vibrates a warning signal. There’s also a Lumo Lift app that tracks your posture, how many steps you take and the distance you travel in a day.

Surface skins
A workplace remodel can be pricey, but breathing new life into old office furniture doesn’t have to be. Surface skins can liven up old desks and tables and create a fun distraction. They come in several different patterns, from paint splatter to Keith Haring designs and more.

The desktop aquarium
Research shows people who spend their time watching fish tanks have better physical and mental well-being. Blood pressure drops and mood improves. In high-stress environments, aquariums calm and relax. Some desktop aquariums even come with a full spectrum natural daylight, which grows small plants.

Mini portable speaker
Besides being able to blast music on a moment’s notice, you can cart these tiny travelers from conference room-to-room, without set-up issues or wires to worry about.  Lighten up the morning meeting or bring the jams to Friday social hour.

Computer sitters
Just don’t call them toys. These computer sitters are small plastic bobblehead characters such as Yoda, Homer Simpson and Tweety Bird. They’re designed to fit on the corner of your computer screen and watch you work. Sounds Big Brother, but it’s not.

Green goods
Sustainable office products, such as kind pencils, are a better version of the No. 2 from days past. These pencils are made from recycled paper and ease the impact on our forests.

It’s fair to say we’ve shown how you can liven up the workplace in novel and interesting ways, such as with the IVM Smart Stations®. And the returns in productivity gains and higher employee morale are well worth the investment.

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