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10 Baffling Pieces of IoT Tech You’re Likely to See at Your Office

by ReadWrite

The IoT is infiltrating every aspect of day-to-day life — and the office is no exception. From meeting owls to smart forks to virtual bartenders, our workplaces are getting smarter — and a bit quirkier — thanks to IoT-based tech. Here are the 10 of the weirdest and most wonderful IoT devices that you need for your workplace.

#1: Smart vending machines

Indianapolis-based smart vending machine supply company IVM wants to eliminate administrative hassles. IVM has equipped several tech companies, including Facebook, Intel, Dropbox, Logitech, and HP, with vending machines that dispense common tech peripherals, like keyboards, computer mice and cables, as well as other job-specific equipment, like repair tools and safety equipment, to reduce the delay and headaches associated with ordering them. It also helps companies keep track of what supplies go where to keep costs predictable.



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